6 - 9 September, 2018 — Barcelos, Portugal

Milhões de Festa has been building a reputation as the truly alternative festival in Portugal, and deservedly gathering attention throughout Europe.

From the 6th to the 9th of September the triangle and its four stages will return to Barcelos, deep in the Northwest side of Portugal, to defy all rules and promote a non-stop summer party by the swimming pool (yup, a swimming pool stage!) and by the Cávado river with music as diverse as delightfully fresh. If you're not missing it already from the past ten editions, you'll feel the void in the chest after the 11th edition due to happen in September.

From the most danceable of pops to the extremest of metals, Milhões is a concept that often branches out to African, Latin American and Asian musical languages, promoting and supporting all kinds of cultural and experience exchange. It was the birthplace of projects such as Black Gnod (or Gnod + Black Bombaim), Black Bombaim + la la la ressonance, Throes + the Shine and Jibóia Experience, it hosted a never before seen colab concert from Marshstepper, HHY, and Varg. NEU!’s Michael Rother, Deerhoof, Electric Wizard, The Fall, Earthless, The Bug, Liars, EyeHateGod, Orange Goblin, Chelsea Wolfe, The Heads, Dan Deacon, Moon Duo, El Guincho, Conan Mocassin, Adrien Sherwood, and Goat headlined the past editions of Milhões de Festa, sharing all the credits with then up and coming artists such as Alt-J, Ho99o9, Toro Y Moi, THEESatisfaction, GAIKA, Boogarins, JIBÓIA, Flamingods, Comet is Coming, and Melt Yourself Down.

Each new year, Milhões de Festa is challenged to renew its proposals and offer a new perspective on music production in the world.

Milhões de Festa is a unique festival, thought out for the curious audience with the sole purpose of defying its own limitations. This means next September will have even higher temperatures and Barcelos will party even harder until it carves the triangle deep in everyone's memories. Live it to believe.

General enquires: geral@milhoesdefesta.com

Press: press@milhoesdefesta.com

Press pass requests until August 31.




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6th September

Palco Cidade*

18:00 - Ensemble Insano

Palco Milhões

20:00 - Indignu (com participação de Ana Deus)

21:45 - 700 Bliss

23:30 - The Mauskovic Dance Band

01:15 - Aeróbica 

Palco Taina

18:30 - Favela Impromptu - Adega Cooperativa de Marte

21:00 - Favela Impromptu - os Amigos da Anta

22:44 - Favela Impromptu - o Psico-Baile

00:30 - Favela Impromptu - Fação Barulho

* "Palco Cidade" location is revealed each day 2h before show time in Milhões de Festa social media, website and app.

7th September

Palco Taina

12:00 - Cumbadélica

16:00 - SuNA Yoga

17:00 - Peter Gabriel Duo 

18:15 - Decibélicas 

19:15 - Phantom Chips

20:00 - Sereias 

Palco Piscina 

14:00 - Cacilhas

15:45 - Mirrored Lips

17:00 - Grabba Grabba Tape

17:30 - DJ K-Sets

Palco Cidade*

16:00 - The Evil Usses

Palco Milhões 

21:00 - Krake Ensemble

23:00 - Circle

01:40 - Squarepusher

Palco Lovers 

22:00 - Lena d’Água e Primeira Dama com a Banda Xita

00:30 - Warmduscher

03:20 - Scúru Fitchádu

04:20 - DJ Lynce feat. Berru (visuals)


00:10 - Motion Within

8th September

Palco Taina

12:00 - Eduardo Morais

16:00 - SuNA Yoga

17:00 - Ell Granada

18:00 - Pé Roto 

18:40 - Ell Granada

19:00 - Greengo

19:40 - Ell Granada

20:00 - Nashgul

20:40 - Ell Granada

Palco Piscina 

14:00 - Kink Gong

15:45 - Gonçalo

17:00 - Natalie Sharp apresenta BodyVice

17:45 - Afrodeutsche

Palco Cidade* 

16:00 - Vaiapraia e as Rainhas do Baile

Palco Milhões

21:00 - WWWater

23:00 - Nubya Garcia

01:20 - Electric Wizard

Palco Lovers 

22:00 - Gazelle Twin

00:20 - Bala

03:00 - The Bug feat. Miss Red 

04:00 - DJ Paypal

9th September

Palco Taina

12:00 - Independent Music Podcast

16:00 - SuNA Yoga

17:00 - GSY!PA

17:45 - Hajjah / DJ Lynce

18:00 - Marilyn Misandry

18:45 - Hajjah / DJ Lynce

19:00 - Queen Bee Supergroup

19:45 - Hajjah / DJ Lynce

20:00 - Croww

02:00 - SILENT DISCO: Anadolu Ekspres 

Palco Piscina 

14:00 - Paisiel

15:45 - Tajak

17:00 - Pharaoh Overlord

17:45 - Suave Geração

Palco Cidade* 

19:00 - Johnny Hooker

Palco Milhões

21:00 - The Heliocentrics

23:30 - Os Tubarões

Palco Lovers

22:20 - Mouse on Mars 

00:50 - UKAEA

UK - General admissions: 60€

España - Abono General: 60€

Day passes: 20€

Fom September 6, in Barcelos: tickets available at the festival's box office.


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Hotel do Terço
R. de São Bento, 7
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Bway Guest House
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Regular transfers from Braga to the festival site. Contact Strike Tours

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By Car

From Corunha, take E-1 / AP-9 to Vigo
Take the A-55 exit to Tui and follow the road to Portugal
Take the E01 / A3 / IP1
Take the exit to A28 to “Viana do Castelo, Caminha″Follow the road until “Neiva, Braga, Barcelos”. Take the exit and follow the road N103 to "Braga, Barcelos"
Take the exit to "Barcelos Centro"

From Lisbon, take A1 to Porto
Once in Porto, follow A28 road to Viana do Castelo
Take exit no. 17 to "Estela, Zona Industrial" and follow the EM502 road until you get to N205.
Follow N205 road to "Barcelos Centro"

From Barcelona, take B-10 to "Ronda Litoral" and follow A-2.
Then follow E-90 / B-23 and take the exit to "Lleida, Zaragoza" on the E-90 / AP-2 road
Follow E-90 / AP-2 and exit to E-804 / A-68 "Logroño Pamplona"
Follow E-804 / A-68 and exit to E-5 / AP-1
Follow E-5 / AP-1 and exit to E-80 / BU-30
Follow E-80 / BU-30 and exit to A-231
Follow A-231 and exit to A-66 until you enter A-52 road
Follow A-52 until you get to N-532

From Madrid
Follow A-6 to "Puerto Guadarrama" and exit to A-52.
Follow A-52 until you get to N-532
In Portugal, follow N103-5 and take exit A24 / IP3 / E801 to "Chaves"
Follow A24 and exit in A7 to "Porto, Guimarães"
Follow A7 and exit in A11 to "Braga"
Follow A11 and exit to "Barcelos", N103
Follow N103 and exit to N205.
Follow N205 to "Barcelos Centro"


International train to Vigo
Inter-Regional to Valença
Urban train to Nine, with transfer to Barcelos



Striketours (Shutles from Porto, Lisbon, Braga, ect...)

From Porto
From all Portugal



Mob.: +351 933 614 433 
Tel.: +351 253 177 212 



Metro do Porto - Exiting the airport, at the metro station, catch the Campanhã/Estádio do Dragão/Fânzeres line (the orange one) and exit at Campanhã (train station).


Precint: on the 6th the precint opens at 6pm; on the 7th, 8th and 6th opens at 12pm.
Swimming Pool stage: opens on the 7th, 8th and 9th at 12.30pm; closes at 8pm.
Ticket Office: on the 7th opens at 2.30pm; on the 7th, 8th and 9th at 12.30pm.
Camping site: opens on the 6th at 2.30pm - closes on the 10th at 2.30pm.


Get info on the lineup, chose your favorite artists and get push notifications on your phone 15 minutes before each of the selected concerts. You can access all this, the secret concert locations for the shows in the city and more in Milhões de Festa'18 app, available both for iOS and Android.

Download :: iOS :: Android

Milhões stage

Right in front of the main entrance to the festival, Milhões stage is the biggest structure in the event and where the most renown artists perform. As part of its set is the beautiful landscape of Cávado rivers banks, as well as the nature in its other side, in Barcelinhos. A perfect and harmonious mix of cool scenery and nature.

Lovers stage

Designed to emulate either an open air rock stage and a club, Lovers stage offers a room-like feeling thanks to the high walls and the trees on the sides. It’s the stage reserved for up and coming artists, as well as after parties and DJs.



Swimming Pool

There’s still a better way to start a summer day than a dive at a swimming pool with a cocktail and some sick tunes and kickass artists performing by the side. This combo takes place every year in Barcelos for Milhões de Festa, and the swimming pool is one of the highlights of the festival.


Taina stage

Some pleasures in life are so simple and obvious that turn out frequently overlooked. Since we love eating, and we have to do it, Taina stage offers you a bold lineup with a side-menu of the best regional delicacies, from wine to all kinds of meat (vegies, be assured you’ll be eating cruelty free food as well).



All narratives are extended through days and nights, and the tale of Milhões de Festa is no different. What starts at noon, must not end at sunset. Milhões goes almost from dawn to dawn, and all nights will take place in the prescinct, where headliners, three stages (Milhões, and Lovers), a food court and various chillout areas provide the kind of fun Lionel Richie would approve of, with a intimate and cosy feel to it: all night long, baby.


Milhões de Festa’s free camping spot is located in Parque da Cidade, situated in the centre of Barcelos and near the festival precinct. The park is completely surrounded by a green and relaxing scenery, appropriate for Nature-gazing and relaxing. There’s a ‘round-the-clock security team, hot water showers, bathrooms and the best high-maintenance conditions for every festival goer at Pavilhão Municipal, inside Parque da Cidade. Camping opens on the 6th at 2:30PM.

1-day ticket holders will be allowed to use the camping site for during the day correspondent to the ticket (i.e. tickets for the 7th will grant access to the camping site from the 7th to the 8th).


Precint: on the 6th the precint opens at 6pm; on the 7th, 8th and 6th opens at 12pm.
Swimming Pool stage: opens on the 7th, 8th and 9th at 12.30pm; closes at 8pm.
Ticket Office: on the 7th opens at 2.30pm; on the 7th, 8th and 9th at 12.30pm.
Camping site: opens on the 6th at 2.30pm - closes on the 10th at 2.30pm.